The Digital Media Industry & Academic Forum

Presented by TELUS

The Digital Media Industry & Academic Forum is a forum that brings together researchers from academia and industry, and industry executives with diverse experience and activity in distinct, yet complementary areas, to discuss the development of emerging and next-generation Digital Media technologies, applications, and services. The program will include keynote addresses by industry executives and industry-led panels on Delivery of Media Services and Media Digitization and Human Experience. The forum will be held in Athens, Greece, on October 7, 2018 in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP).

Registration fee: 30 USD (including VAT)

Preliminary program (subject to change)

Keynote 1: Speaker and title to be announced soon

Panel on Digital Delivery of Media Services

Broadband wireless and wireline networks have made it possible to deliver a rich set of services incorporating digital media to consumers. The panelists will discuss the salient features of current and future digital media services such as IPTV, mobile TV, virtual and augmented reality services, digital cinemas, museums, libraries, classrooms, etc., online games, surveillance services, and enrichment of e-health, e-commerce, smart homes, smart buildings, smart factories, Internet-of-things, etc., by digital media. The panelists will also discuss the requirements of advanced networking capabilities needed to enable efficient and cost-effective delivery of these services, and emerging network technologies that address these requirements.

Keynote 2: Speaker and title to be announced soon

Panel on Media Digitization and Human Experience

The panelists will discuss the effect media digitization has on human experience and give their vision of future disruptive media related technologies. Topics will include emerging video capturing and displaying technologies, virtual and augmented reality, integration of digital video and artificial intelligence and applications ranging from autonomous driving to health and wellness, end-user’s quality of experience and subsequent implications for education and training, entertainment, social networking, advertising, and related sectors.